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The following passage forms part of a letter written by Saint Seraphim of Vrats to a Bishop, a spiritual child, who was imprisoned. Lord, the Creator offers consolation to a man’s soul.

Κύριος ημών Ιησούς ΧριστόςHave you ever thought that whatever concerns you, concerns Me? Since everything that concerns you concern the apple of My eye. When temptation strikes and the spiritual struggle begin to surge like a current, I want you to know that it was from Me.

I want you to learn that your weakness needs My power and your safety depends on you allowing Me to protect you.
 I want you to know that when you find yourself in tricky situations and amongst people who do not understand you neither care whether you like it or not and take you away, this was from Me. I am your Lord. Whatever happens to you is in My hands. You did not find yourself in this position by chance. It is exactly the position I have determined for you.
Didn’t you pray that I teach you humility? Here it is! I have placed you in exactly the proper situation, in the proper ‘school’ where humility is being taught. Your close circle and those who live with you only execute My wishes.
Are you in a financial difficulty and having trouble making ends meet? Learn that this was from Me. I want you to know that it is Me Who manages your assets; you ought to come to Me for help, knowing that you depend on Me. Learn that My resources are infinite and rest assured that I keep My promises. May it never happen that people will come to you in your hour of need and tell you: ‘Do not believe in your Lord, your God’.
Have you ever had a sleepless night drowning in sorrow because of you relatives and your loved ones? I have permitted this, so that you will turn to Me and find eternal consolation and relief in Me.
Has a friend or someone else to whom you have opened up your heart cheated you? It was Me who has allowed this disappointment so that you learn that your best friend is the Lord.
I want you to bring everything before Me and tell Me everything.
Have you been slandered? Leave it to Me. Attach yourself to Me. I am your refuge in the face of dispute between nations. I will let your righteousness and your entire life radiate like the midday sun.
Have your plans been ruined and your soul is exhausted? It was from Me. You had made your own plans and had your own designs. You have brought your plans to me to bless. Yet I want you to let Me guide you and handle all of your affairs because you are not the protagonist but only the second fiddle.
Have you met with unexpected hardships and despair has overcome you? Learn that it was from Me. I test your weariness and your anxiety to see how strong is your faith in My promises and how boldly you are praying about your own family. Didn’t you trust their lives into My loving providence? Aren’t you just now leaving them under the wing of my Most Pure Mother?
Have you been plagued by a serious illness, curable or incurable, pinning you in bed? It was from Me. I want through your illness to teach you not to groan for this hardship and not try to understand My various designs for the salvation of souls, but to humbly bow your head in the face of My goodness.
Did you inttend to do something special and specific for My sake and instead you have been pinned to bed? This was from Me. Otherwise you would have been immersed into your own deeds. I have permitted this in order to turn your thoughts to Me. I wish to teach you My deeper designs and lessons so that you can serve Me; I wish you  to learn that you are nothing without Me.
Some of My best sons are those who are dissociated from the world in order to learn how to use the weapon of incessant prayer.
Have you been unexpectedly asked to tackle a difficult and responsible task relating to Me? I am the one who has entrusted you with such tasks. For this reason your Lord God will bless you, your deeds, your path and everything which has to do with you. Your teacher and your guide will be your Lord.
This very day, my child, I have given you this pot with the divine myrrh so that you can use it freely.
You must always remember that every difficulty, provocation, deceit and condemnation and every obstacle placed in your path, causing you indignation and despair, revealing your weakness and inability, ought to be anointed with this myrrh. This came from Me.
Remember that every obstacle is a lesson from God. Burry deeply in your heart this word that I have revealed to you this day. This was from Me.
Learn and always remember, whenever you are, that every sting will hurt less so long as you learn to look up to Me….
Everything that befalls on you came from Me to cleanse your soul.
All these came from Me.
Translation from the Greek by: Olga Konaris Kokkinos, Journalist (BA, MA)

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